The Coronavirus has had a significant impact upon the thousands of children across the UK that use NACCC Accredited Child Contact Centres to spend time with and build bonds with people that they love. We know that the impacts having arrangements changed like this in an unplanned way can be distressing for children and young people, but more than this it can be harmful, with the potential for lifelong implications.

NACCC are immensely proud to work with a wide variety of Child Contact Centres that offer outstanding services to children and young people. As the effects of the Coronavirus have impinged ever more on daily life, Child Contact Centres have independently researched options available to them and created varying solutions to the challenges faced. On the whole these solutions have included the use of technology although it has to be said that other approaches have also been implemented. 

Whilst NACCC has been able to implement some guidance around the considerations to be made when using technology it has to be acknowledged that many centres have taken the initiative and independently invested the resource to ensure that children are disadvantaged to the minimum possible extent and this is to be applauded.

Getting started

Below are two two short videos we’ve created to guide you through the process of setting up Skype for remote contact sessions.
Please ensure all parties have completed the Remote Contact Agreement form before commencing a session.

To fully understand the effectiveness of Remote Contact and it’s place in the future of contact arrangements NACCC are requesting feedback from session participants.